My name is Maria Zub

I'm a Design Strategist & UX Designer.

In 2015, I quit my perfect job in Russia, sold my clothing design company, packed all my belongings in one suitcase, and moved to the USA.
I barely spoke any English. Despite this challenge, I viewed the move as an amazing opportunity to rethink my career. And I found the answer: Design.
Since then, I learned English, had a year-long internship at Handsome as a UX Designer, spent a productive year studying interaction design at Austin Center for Design, invested two more years into designing consumer experiences at the Home Depot and am currently leading a team at NCR designing a SaaS that will be used by Fortune 500 retailers from scratch.

Company of ONE

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  • Working on a new template
  • Re-designing Elastic Themes website
  • Learning photography
  • Creating new personal website
  • Building a house
  • Travel to Bali, Indonesia
    Canceled :(

My Toolset


My Experience

I enjoy creating impactful, insight-driven experiences and building services based on expansive expertise in social psychology and entrepreneurship.
2021 – Present

NCR Corporation

Leading a design team creating NCR’s next generation mobile merchandising and inventory SaaS (replacing an outdated, widely deployed on-premise solution) for top US retailers.
2018 – 2020

The Home Depot

At the Home Depot, I was an integral part of the team responsible for the improvement of the fulfillment experience on the I was the lead or solo designer on the team for most of the projects.
2017 – 2018

Stand Up, Austin!

I designed a service experience in partnership with the City of Austin Office of Innovation. This project was the culmination of several team and individual efforts that discovered and revealed the optimal contextual elements for effective and change-making civic engagement.
User Experience & Service Designer
2017 – 2018

Austin Center for Design

I studied Interaction Design & Social Entrepreneurship in an intense, 9-months long program. Austin Center for Design is famous for its professors (all successful, practicing designers from the industry) and high standards of educations.
User Experience Design STUDENT
2016 – 2017


Assisted UX Leads and Designers in user interviews, synthesis workshops, client presentations and meetings. Got a chance to work on the Keller Williams account, and influence the UX of KW CRM!
User Experience Design Intern
2016 – 2017


Created marketing strategy plans across print and digital channels for corporate clients in medical device industry.
Strategy Associate

What others say about me

“I’ve had the distinct honor of working along side Maria. She is extremely intelligent, bold, creative and one of the best designers I’ve worked with. She is open minded while working on customer issues and is quick to offer creative solutions to the most challenging problems. I am truly thankful that I got to know Maria and collaborate with her on multiple large scale projects and I hope I get to work with her again sometime in the future.”
Sr Product Manager at Home Depot
“Maria has the fantastic combination of being a systems thinker and having insight into her colleagues that allows her to succeed in complex environments. She cares about doing great work and understands how to dig deep to develop domain expertise. I would jump at the opportunity to collaborate with her again.”
Senior UX Designer at Handsome
“Maria is insightful, smart, and incredibly analytical. She has a keen ability to filter through many data points and provide cohesive solutions to complex problems. Her passion for creating great user experiences is obvious, and her bold yet kind demeanor strikes a perfect balance for collaboration without making sacrifices. Maria is an absolute asset to any team she works for and an easy recommendation.”
Lead UX Designer at Home Depot
“Maria is an example of mature leadership. She is a creative, highly conscientious designer that leans into user insights and business needs to produce a great experience. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”
UX Researcher at Home Depot

I'm proud to have worked with:

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